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Dehydrating Fruits

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Dehydrating fruits creates a yummy yet healthy snack that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating!

The kids and I love dehydrating fruits when we have extra laying around. Here are a couple of our favorite recipes!

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When I dehydrate my fruits (and veggies and herbs), I like to use my little Elite Gourmet dehydrator. It is a small unit that works very well for us right now. When I get up and going and have larger batches, I will probably need to upgrade (any dehydrator companies looking for a promotion out there?).


Dehydrated strawberries are quick and easy to make and super yummy to munch on! Strawberries make a great snack alone, in a trail mix blend, or paired with cheese and chocolate!

How to dehydrate strawberries


Our household is currently going through a ox of bananas a week! We can purchase bananas in a 40lb box at Smart & Final for around $26. Dehydrated bananas make a great snack alone, in a trail mix blend, or paired with cheese and chocolate!

How to dehydrate bananas


Mango dries into a delicious treat! Dehydrated mango are great to pack for a hike or for camping.

How to dehydrate mango

Of course you can dehydrate many, many other fruits (and veggies)! These are our main recipes for dehydrating fruits that we eat a lot of around here. I hope you enjoy!


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