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Fourth Trimester of Pregnancy

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Welcome to the pregnancy series! I decided to do a series of articles of the different trimesters of (human) pregnancy on a homestead because that is exactly what I have been/am going through myself. Welcome to the fourth trimester of my pregnancy!

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Please keep in mind, these articles are based off my pregnancy experiences and are not true for everyone.

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First obvious change is the baby is now on the outside of your body rather than moving around inside of you. You now have a baby human to take care of. A screaming, crying, moving, pooping, hungry baby human. Good Luck!!

Weight and Diet

Obviously, I lost a little bit of weight. Let me repeat…LITTLE bit of weight. Baby weighed a little over 7 pounds. I lost around 10 pounds in the early beginning. Even when baby turned 6 months, I was still about the same weight. I jumped from a size 7 to a size 10 and have not gone down any.

For the first week, my diet consisted of anything the hospital would feed me. After being back home, I ate whatever I could find that sounded good to me. I am not one to count calories or anything like that. However, I was not able to eat in large amounts. It was more of all-day snacking for a long time after returning home.

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Homestead Life

I really hope this comes as no shock to you all, but life after having a baby changes drastically. Since my delivery was emergency c-section, the amount of things I could do around the house was very limited. It was almost a week before I was even allowed to go home from the hospital.

Animal Care

While I was in the hospital, a horrible massacre happened to one of our pens of chickens. One of our dogs killed over half of our birds in the pen (door was accidentally left unlocked and the wind blew it open). It was a big setback for us being that all the chickens killed were our laying hens, but accidents do happen.

Yard Care

Not much was done here. The kids do poop duty once a week. I had them pull a big weed here and there and pick up a few pieces of trash that blew in our yard.


Of course there was maintenance to do around here, but it had to wait. Chickens needed better coops that the squirrels would have a hard time getting into. Pigs needed to be sold. Eggs needed to be cleaned and sold. Ducks needed to be sold. Now, more hens were needing to be acquired.

House Care

The third trimester did not allow me to get house work done all the time, therefore, I fell behind. After having my baby boy, the house fell even farther. My mom would come by once in a while and just help me try to catch up on everything around the house.


I originally was supposed to be induced as the baby stayed inside, and the doctor I had does not like to go beyond 42 weeks.

On the evening of Easter Sunday, I went to the hospital to start the process. After being admitted for the induction, they decided to monitor me as the baby’s heartbeat would occasionally drop. Monitoring went on until Monday evening.

Monday evening came around and the doctor decided to put me on labor inducing medications. I went from comfortable to screaming out in horrible pain in a short span of time. The labor contractions were horrendous. After laboring for hours and not moving past 6 cm, the doctor decided to break my water in hopes that would move the baby along. This again did not help any, and the pain kept coming.

Tuesday morning, the doctor took me in for emergency c-section. The pain was horrible. I was not moving past 6 cm. The baby was trying to exit with his ear first. Just not good all around.

Baby was in my mom’s arms very soon afterwards. 10 Fingers and 10 toes, beautiful, and healthy!

Baby boy and me after emergency C-section

Baby was treated for mild jaundice while in the hospital.

While I originally wanted to breastfeed baby, we could not get things right. I was trying everything to feed him but it wasn’t working. I didn’t get help from the nurses until the day I was discharged. By then, it was kind of late. The hospital already had me supplementing the breast milk with baby formula to make sure he was getting enough food. He now preferred the yummy and easy to drink formula over my breastmilk.

Baby is Here…Now What??

The baby came out from your insides. Now, you have this baby human to take care of and it does NOT come with a “How-To Manual!” Welcome to the Fourth Trimester!

As stressful as that is, you will learn a way to work with your baby. Everyone is different for sure! I had everyone telling me all their “tips and tricks” which I had to pick and choose from and see what worked well for us.

Since we did not have a huge baby shower, this is my first child, and I had no freaking idea what I had to do, I started with the basics: diapers, wipes, few sets of clothes, and some formula. I originally purchased the formula that the hospital staff had the baby on in the hospital so his tummy wouldn’t get upset. However, I later found out that he needed the Added Rice formula as he spit up VERY often, so I changed formulas.

Even though my mom had kids 30+ years ago, she helped out a lot, but some of her advice was outdated. Greg was also a huge help because he had already raised a couple kids but that was 9+ years ago. He had to be reminded…kind of like riding a bike.

It’s Not All Smiles And Cuddles

I love when my baby would fall asleep in my arms and just curl into me and sleep so soundly. I have many pictures and videos on my phone of him smiling or doing something adorable!

Baby cuddles are great

Most pictures don’t show the bad parts. Some people may not even have bad parts (lucky!). I did have bad parts.

It took me quite a while to accept that this was my kid from now until death. When I say “a while”, I mean months. I knew I was supposed to take care of him but the breaks for me rarely came and it was super hard on me. I was crying everyday and night, and wasn’t eating or drinking. Depression just sank its teeth in me so deep. There were many times I thought my baby would be better off without me. Thankfully, I had Greg there when I really needed him and he definitely helped me at my worst.

It Gets Better

Things get better. Sometimes it happened on its own, and sometimes you need to research things. My poor baby would not let me sleep at night for MONTHS. Someone had to tell me about sleep training. We have been implementing some of those techniques and I can now get a little bit of sleep at night. It’s getting better everyday.

Our dog, Stormy, watching the baby while he sleeps

If you reach a bad part, please reach out for help, whether it be family, friends, doctors, anonymous call center. Do whatever works for you to get better for your new baby.


Unknown Homestead

Hello! Welcome to Unknown Homestead! I'm Erika. While I would love to say we have an amazing, huge homestead that is complete and bringing in the's a work in progress on just over 2 acres. We bought this property in 2019. I had big dreams but this fit the price range. Being built in the 1980's it was not an old house like people buy, but it still needed some work to be done. I handle the animals and yardwork, while Greg handles the smoking/grilling of meats and still works a fulltime job until this homestead is complete and profitable. Having 3 stepchildren does help get some things done around here, but now there is another one on the way. We started out as (I guess you would say) normal people. Depending on grocery stores for food and binge watching whatever TV show or movie we were into at the time. Our ways have since changed (and are continuing to change). We have added chickens, ducks, turkeys, and pigs to our Unknown Homestead (along with our dogs and cat of course). While this property is not that old to us, I have been trying to change my ways for many years. This blog shows what we are doing and how, with the hopes it can help some of you with your hopes and dreams as well!

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