how to fix a hose end

How To Fix A Female Hose End

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Ever have a hose bust a hole near the female end of it? Why replace the whole thing when you can fix the female hose end? I’ll show you how.

I’m not sure about your place, but we have pretty long hoses around here. Occasionally, there will be holes that burst the hoses. Rather than spend more money than needed on buying a new hose, we spend a couple dollars and usually just fix the hose.

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Items Needed:

items needed
Items needed

Steps To Fix The Hose

  • First, we need to cut the end off below the hole/crack. The end you cut off can be thrown away.
  • Next, slide the hose clamp onto the hose far enough down to still get the end on.
  • Slide the new hose end into the cut end of the hose. It will be a tight fit, so be sure to push it all the way in.
  • Then, slide the hose clamp over the hose end that was inserted into the hose. You want the clamp close to the new end of the hose.
  • Finally, tighten the hose clamp with the flat head screwdriver.
how to fix a hose end
Fixed hose end

Your hose is now fixed and you are all set to go! Don’t you feel empowered and accomplished?


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