Growing fodder for your animals

How To Grow Fodder For Your Animals

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Growing Fodder For Your Animals Is A Great Way To Give Them More Nutrients Year-Round

Fodder, or sprouted grains, is a great addition to your normal animal feed! Especially when you do not have them on a pasture.

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In the Mojave Desert (where we are located), it is pretty baron of greens for our animals and the water price is too high for us to try to grow anything like a pasture. During Summer, we have the weeds that they love to peck, along with plentiful greens from the garden. During winter, I like to supplement their diet with some fresh grown fodder.

Items Needed:

Items needed to grow fodder for your animals
Items needed to grow fodder

Prepping The Trays

Make sure your trays are clean before using them.

Spread a thin layer of seeds into the tray with the holes in the bottom.

Water the tray (carefully over a sink to avoid a mess).

Place the seeded tray with holes into the tray without holes and place in a quiet area. It will not need light.

Water the tray with holes everyday at least once a day and up to 3 times a day, depending on your preference.

Make sure to let the tray drain before putting back into the tray with no holes. If the seeds are not being rinsed by the water, they have a tendency to mold.

day 3 of growing fodder for your animals
Day 3
Day 5 of growing fodder for your animals
Day 5
day 8 of growing fodder for your animals
Day 8

And Now We Wait…

I watered once a day (and even forgot to water 1-2 days) and they still turned out just fine.

Once the fodder is about 3-5 inches tall, I go ahead and feed it to my animals. I have a rack that holds 3 trays so I like to rotate trays to keep a constant supply of fodder for the animals. Since I have a few pens set up, I cut my fodder into quarters so all the animals can have some.

Go ahead and try other seed types as well!


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