How To Make Money From Home

How To Make Money From Home

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I got so tired of working retail and coming home cranky, I decided to quit and make money from home.

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These last couple years have been very different than what we are used to. Many people either quit their jobs for whatever reasons, while others were forced to quit, fired, or laid off. Whatever the reason, people still need to make some sort of income to help pay the bills (unless you live off-grid somewhere and have your own thing going).

I worked retail. I hated retail. It was the customers who come in and demand everything from you and treat you like complete crap all while only getting minimum wage and being overlooked at all possible advancements in the workplace. I would come home super cranky and take it out on Greg. This created issues (obviously). I couldn’t take it anymore and (after a long talk with Greg) I decided to quit.

How To Make Money From Home
Make money from home

We knew that if I quit, it would definitely tighten the belt on our expenses. To help overcome this, I had to get creative on getting additional income to come in every month. While I have not become a millionaire after doing these things, they do create some sort of income for us. I also have a list of app sign up codes that will give you a little extra for signing up when you enter these codes. Here are some of the ways I have done this:

Join, Earn Cash!


Unfortunately, this does require you to leave your home. However, for those that like to shop or at least get out of the house, this is not a bad gig. You can sign up to only shop, or shop and deliver. Sign up here to start!


You can earn extra money back from purchases you already make! Just download the app and upload receipts. Money earned in return can be redeemed for gift cards or deposited to your account. Sign up here to earn $10 just for signing up!

Solitaire Cash:

I know this sounds like it can’t be true, but you can get money while playing solitaire. I usually pull this app out while waiting, whether in line or at appointments. Sign up here to earn $1 just for signing up!

Livestock Sales:

During the warmer months, I like to hatch eggs to help create an income as well. Most of the eggs are currently chicken, with a few turkey. Next year, I am planning on adding ducks and increasing the turkeys (huge demand this year with limited supply). Selling the extras brings in additional income, and whatever we don’t sell, we use as food or for future breeding. (I am also hoping on adding pigs to that list next year.)

Livestock Sales
Chicks I Hatched

Egg Sales:

Being a homestead, we do have the occasional extra eggs that come around. I sell eggs for both hatching and eating, mostly on Craigslist or through word of mouth. I usually run out of eggs to sell every week. Next year’s goal: increase supply.

Egg Sales
Chicken Eggs for sale

This is just a short list to give you a start. I will (of course) update as I can. Happy earning!


Unknown Homestead

Hello! Welcome to Unknown Homestead! I'm Erika. While I would love to say we have an amazing, huge homestead that is complete and bringing in the's a work in progress on just over 2 acres. We bought this property in 2019. I had big dreams but this fit the price range. Being built in the 1980's it was not an old house like people buy, but it still needed some work to be done. I handle the animals and yardwork, while Greg handles the smoking/grilling of meats and still works a fulltime job until this homestead is complete and profitable. Having 3 stepchildren does help get some things done around here, but now there is another one on the way. We started out as (I guess you would say) normal people. Depending on grocery stores for food and binge watching whatever TV show or movie we were into at the time. Our ways have since changed (and are continuing to change). We have added chickens, ducks, turkeys, and pigs to our Unknown Homestead (along with our dogs and cat of course). While this property is not that old to us, I have been trying to change my ways for many years. This blog shows what we are doing and how, with the hopes it can help some of you with your hopes and dreams as well!

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