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Second Trimester of Pregnancy

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Welcome to the pregnancy series! I decided to do a series of articles of the different trimesters of (human) pregnancy on a homestead because that is exactly what I have been/am going through myself. Welcome to the second trimester of my pregnancy!

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Please keep in mind, these articles are based off my pregnancy experiences and are not true for everyone.

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I did have a couple days that I had to leave the house and look decent, so I finally had to buy a couple pairs of maternity pants and shirts. I figured these should last my whole pregnancy and a bit after.

As the belly grows, I would recommend a good lotion to (hopefully) reduce stretch marks on your belly, ribs, and hips.

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Weight and Diet

To everyone’s shock, I still had no cravings…other than food in general. It seemed that as the weeks went on, I just kept eating. I was always hungry. I still tried to watch what I was eating as I was trying to be healthy. Even though I was watching what I was eating, I was putting on the weigh easily.

Up until about week 20, I was gaining at least a pound a week. At week 25, I was up to gaining 30 pounds! At week 28, I had gained almost 40 pounds!

I also invested in a pregnancy ball to help my body move around and relieve some pain and stiffness. These balls are can be used for exercise during pregnancy, birth, and recovery after birth.

As you more further along in your pregnancy, your stomach (obviously) gets bigger. The sweatpants were still worn very frequently. I did have to add a couple pairs of maternity pants being the holidays were right around the corner and I had to look decent.

Bodily Changes

I started feeling little butterflies every once in a while in my tummy around week 20. This was the little one moving around! It felt very weird…almost tickled at times. These flutters did turn into mini kicks and punches around week 25. They don’t hurt but can be weird feeling and uncomfortable at times.

I also noted that my eye sight was not as great as it originally was. I was always told that when you hit 40 years old, got pregnant, or got diabetes, your eye sight could change. Well here we are and it did. I am going to wait until after baby comes to see an eye doctor though just in case it continues to change over the course of this pregnancy.

Another thing I noticed happening was tooth aches and pains. After looking into this online, it seems your body creates “relaxin” that helps to relax your ligaments for the expanding tummy. Well that relaxin goes through your whole body and can also loosen teeth. (My teeth did start feeling better at the end of the second trimester!)

Finally, the nitty-gritty of changes: discharge and leakage. There has been a little bit of discharge that appears down below, and some leakage from the top. Some women wear panty liners, and some just deal with it. There are also breast pads you can purchase if you feel it necessary. It all depends on how much your body produces.


After buying my pregnancy pillow, I was able to sleep better…for a while. As my stomach got bigger, I had to add another body pillow on top of the pregnancy pillow that I slept with between my legs. It helped to space out my hips more comfortably.

I was also not having to wake up and take so many pee breaks during the night. That was also a relief!

My energy levels have gone back up a bit. No more midday naps necessary, but I was in bed at night for about 10-12 hours. During those hours, there is a still some pee breaks, and some time that I had to wake up to roll over.

Our wonderful dogs would still not leave me alone though. Our littlest, Annabelle, sleeps with me every night. She also lays next to me all day. It is kind of nice to have the company though.

Our dog Annabelle knew I was pregnant and would not leave my side
Annabelle was always by my side

Homestead Life

I keep trying to handle as much of the chores around here for as long as I can. I really don’t want to put too much on Greg’s shoulders.

When the kids are here, they are a huge help! Unfortunately, I also feel a little horrible about having them do so many chores. I try to limit it to a maximum of an hour of chores after school (and homework) are done. On the weekends, we try to get as many chores and projects done as possible, but I still leave them plenty of fun time as well.

Animal Care

Since it’s now fall/winter, the animals are needing water and food only once a day. This helps me out quite a bit. Unfortunately, what took me 45-1 hour in the first trimester now takes me at least an hour.

With the colder temps, the egg laying has significantly decreased. I check for eggs every other day now. This helps me out as well.

The kids can now get this routine done in less than 20 minutes! They are life savers!

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Yard Care

Although my energy levels were higher than the end of the first trimester, my growing belly was pushing on my lungs. Being we live on a hill, it became difficult for me to walk up and down multiple times a day. I would try to do what I could for a few hours in the morning after breakfast. I still had energy to do things then. After lunch, my energy levels went down quite a bit. I do have to admit that I may have overworked myself a bit during those mornings.

Of course, when the kids come to our house, they are a huge help!


Since the fencing has been fixed by Greg last trimester, there is little maintenance to do around here.

The ducks did need a bigger pond and he (and the kids) were able to help me with that.

Some additional plywood needed to be added to the barn to help keep it warmer for the cold winters here, which Greg also helped out with.

House Care

Our house does not look like those fancy, clean ones in magazines, but I have been able to (mostly) keep up with the house chores.

Laundry and dishes are a daily constant, while I clean a little each day. I feel like I am always cleaning, but that’s because I only do a little each time. I try to not overwork myself.


After months of issues, I was finally able to get medical insurance figured out and get a doctor’s appointment scheduled! My first appointment was at week 18. I finally got an ultrasound picture of the baby, but the baby wasn’t cooperating so they couldn’t tell me the gender yet.

first ultrasound picture
First ultrasound picture

Being I was 35 years old at the time, I was considered a “high risk” pregnancy. This highly upset me, but there was not much I could do about a label. Being “high risk” did mean that I was given many more ultrasounds than a normal pregnant woman. During the second trimester, I get 1 ultrasound per month.

Each doctor appointment usually has you pee in a cup. At the end of the second (or start of your third) trimester, you will have the “sugar test” to check for gestational diabetes. This was not a fun experience, but I am happy to have found out I don’t have it.

Third Trimester Around the Corner

Baby bump week 27
Baby bump week 27

With the second trimester almost done, the third trimester is almost here. Make sure to start (or finish) or registry around this time so people have time to shop for you and baby. You should also have the baby room picked out and start it very soon (if you haven’t started already). If you plan on having a baby shower, I would recommend to not have it close to your due date. Babies can arrive early, on time, or late. My mom went into labor during one of her baby showers!

I try to keep the positive thoughts through this and I know I can do this!

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